• Uganda`S Culinary Adventures

Discover the taste of Uganda

One thing that is absolutely true in Uganda is that the country has an abundance or a variety of food. Each of the 4 regions of the country has its own staple food and the food is greatly satisfying. True Ugandan cuisine is prepared dominantly from techniques that have been inherited by new generations for centuries. Of course the cooking ware, some cooking techniques (including heat sources) and spices used have evolved over time with influences from Arab, Asian and European cultures that have affected the country over time, however, the taste of truly Ugandan dishes has never been lost.  

The most popular foods in the country are Matooke (starchy plantain), Posho and Kalo. Many dishes however include various vegetables, potatoes, yams, bananas and other a variety of tropical fruits. Chicken, pork, fish  beef, goats meat and mutton are all commonly eaten. Below we explore some of the culinary adventures you must enjoy during your stay in Uganda.

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