1875 -1876 - The Invitation of Christian Missionaries to Buganda/ Uganda – 1875-1876

The Invitation of Christian Missionaries to Buganda/ Uganda – 1875-1876:

In 1875 Kabaka (King) Muteesa I the then reigning King of Buganda Kingdom in Uganda wrote to the Queen Victoria of England requesting for missionaries to come to his Kingdom. This was after hearing about how Britain had protected and positively impacted other British protectorates in other parts of the world from European Explorers Henry Stanley and John Speke.

It was the King`s strong belief that forming an alliance with the European power would not only protect Buganda Kingdom`s trade and influence in the region, it would also guarantee him protection as King from approaching enemies in the North and South, it would keep the Muslim traders that sought to over throw him at bay and the British would equip his people with advanced world knowledge in trade skills, manufacturing, medicine, religion, military skills and warfare.

These anticipated gains would guarantee Buganda Kingdom quick modernization (advancement), an endless supply of cloth, paper and other modern items, arms and ammunition that would enable the Kingdom easily defeat her closely threatening enemies, ease hunting and ensure the protection of Buganda Kingdom. These would vastly grow King Muteesa I`s power and influence, making him and his Kingdom a superior super power in the region.

The famous letter the King wrote to the Queen of England – Queen Victoria appeared in The Daily Telegraph requesting for missionaries to come to Buganda.

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