1885 - The First Catholic Martyrs Are Killed – 1885

The First Catholic Martyrs Are Killed – 1885

Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe, a senior advisor to the king and a Catholic convert, condemned Kabaka Mwanga II for ordering Archbishop Hannington’s death without giving him (Hannington) a chance to defend himself as was customary. Mwanga was annoyed that Mukasa would question his actions, and he had him arrested and killed. On Nov. 15 1885; Mukasa became the first Catholic martyr, when he was beheaded at Nakivubo in the heart of present day Kampala

St. Andrew Kaggwa is Killed – 1886

Despite the fact that some Christians had already been killed for various crimes against the King`s authority, it was really at his palace in Munyonyo where King Mwanga took the fateful final decision to begin putting all known Christians to death. The blood of Ugandan’s martyrs was shed on the soil around Munyonyo in the suburbs of present day Kampala, Uganda. The first three Christians to render their lives for Christ’s sake after the King’s grim decision did so on 26 May 1886 – they were: St. Denis Ssebugwawo, St. Andrew Kaggwa and St. Pontiano Ngondwe.


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