1885 - The First 3 Martyrs are Killed – 1885

The First 3 Martyrs are Killed – 1885

The palace Pages continued to disobey the King`s orders and their refusal to remain within the King`s courts especially for their Sunday prayers was the last straw on the haystack. Kabaka Mwanga II felt justified in ruthlessly asserting his authority. He determined that these would be the days these pages would clearly understand the kind of power he had over them…that is the power to let them live or die. What the young King lacked in political deal making, he more than compensated with a proclivity to violence not seen for many years in the Kingdom. It was hardly a year after Mwanga’s assumption of the throne that he ordered the execution of Yusufu (Joseph) Rugarama, Makko (Mark) Kakumba, and Nuwa (Noah) Sserwanga the first three Christian martyrs, who were killed at Busega Natete on January 31, 1885.

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