- Conclusion

The Uganda Martyrs are acknowledged for having played a critical role in advancing both political and Christian influence within inland Africa and the world. Their impact is evidenced today, over 55 years later, with records showing that by 2019, over 80 % of Uganda`s population is Christian. The largest Christian group is Roman Catholic with 39 percent; 32 percent is Anglican, and 11 percent Pentecostal Christian. According to official government estimates, Muslims constitute 14 percent of the population. The UMSC estimates Muslims (primarily Sunni) are closer to 20 percent of the population.

The example of steadfast love and loyalty shown by the Uganda Martyrs has faithfully trickled down through generations and formed a grip onto Uganda`s Christians that is both powerful and revered.

Every year, on June 3rd, when most of the martyrs were killed, is marked as a national holiday in Uganda. It is also marked worldwide on the church calendar as a day to honor the Uganda Martyrs. On this day, all Ugandan Christians remember the brevity of their ancestors as they relive and renew their commitment to their Christian missions. The Uganda Martyrs will be forever remembered and held dear in the hearts of all Ugandans and African Christians as symbols of the true Christian way of life.

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