The Pilgrimage & Safari Experience

The Pilgrimage & Safari Experience

Your pilgrimage and safari experience is an exciting hybrid of both spiritual growth and development together with exploration of the sights and wonders of Uganda. This experience is very dynamic and can be tailored to your specific personal and financial needs.  Whatever you choose, it is our guarantee that your experience will be both spiritually rewarding and also enhance you physically, mentally and spiritually. To give you the best private care possible., you will be accompanied by health care professionals during all tours in case you develop any medical emergency, trained guides, caretakers and security personnel.

We understand the sacredness of making a Holy Pilgrimage. Often times making such a holy journey may take you into unfamiliar lands among unfamiliar people. With Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS), this shouldn`t worry you at all. We are passionate about preparing for you the most rewarding spiritual experience as you make pilgrimage to the Uganda Martyrs in Uganda. We are devoted to taking care of your worries about accommodation, travel arrangements, meals, security, health and safety and so much more… so that you may strictly dedicate your entire journey to your personal spiritual growth and development.

In 2017, Uganda was named the fourth-best tourism destination in the world by Rough Guides, a leading travel publisher. This declaration is more than justified for Uganda is home to some of the best game parks in the world, with teaming wildlife in all the four corners of the country roaming in untamed landscapes and Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS) is ready to take you there.

There has never been a better time to visit Uganda. From gorgeous nature landscapes, mountain backdrops, a plethora of wildlife species, to the myriad cultures and the people, Uganda is a great choice for an African Safari vacation. There is a bevy of places to go and so many things to do that at the end of it all, you will feel a renewed sense revitalization that you will not be able to explain.

While we are mindful of ensuring a 5 star travel experience for you, we are also keen on keeping you safe from Covid -19 so all recommended S.O.Ps will be observed to the dot.

When it’s all done and it`s time to go home, UGMPS will warmly drop you off to the locations where you were picked up from i.e. either the airport, border points or selected locations as agreed. Special customized albums (soft copies and hard copies) will be made for you to take home all the inspiring memories from your pilgrimage and safari to share with family and friends

With this therefore, we look forward to hosting you and we invite you to a truly enriching travel experience with Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS)

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