Highly rewarding Itinerary/ Travel Planning and Management

We are excited to give the best travel plans that will feed your soul, mind and body. Here UGMPS offers itself to design, plan and manage all your travel plans whether you are a pilgrim or on safari or both. We`ll make all the necessary reservations you require and arrange terms of access to all locations within your agreed travel plan. In addition, where need be, we`ll secure for you all required transport tickets and organize means of comfortable movement from one location to another as needed by your agreed itinerary. 

Once agreed, you will receive your travel plan on your mobile phone and also via your shared email along with everything you will need during your pilgrimage or safari.

Health and Safety

Your health and medical safety is very important to us and that is why we have given it serious consideration. Covid -19 is undoubtedly a very serious concern for everyone in the world and as we are excited to serve you, we are also keen on keeping you and ourselves safe so that your experience is seamless. So it’s important that all the precautions below are followed to the latter.

  • Airport/ Border Posts(Busia/ Malaba) and Selected Locations Pick Ups & Drop Offs

    Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris is excited to give the experience of a lifetime. That is why as soon as you get to the Airport/ Border Posts or any of the selected pick up location (UGMPS) will immediately take over and take care of you right from arrival to your departure. We shall therefore offer you timely excellent pick up and drop off services according to your agreed itinerary/ travel plan.

  • Incredibly Comfortable Transportation Services

    UGMPS further still offers itself to secure for you all the required comfortable and reliable transportation during your pilgrimage or safari. All your transport means will be in excellent condition, air conditioned (in case you need it), good audio and visual entertainment will be available and each vehicle will have stable Wi-Fi. Your safety is important to us so all fleet assistants (drivers) will be highly experienced, well composed and smart.

    For the signed up Pilgrims, this transportation will be with you throughout your walk or journey to the pilgrimage sites to provide you with shelter and safety at night or whenever you will need them.

  • Soothing Travel Comforts

    Undertaking a pilgrimage is not for the faint hearted. We know that such a journey requires you to invest all your heart and soul into it for the obvious rewards that such an undertaking will give you. We however are offering ourselves to take care of your body so that it does not grow too weary to support the soul and cause you to lose sight of the end in mind. This is why UGMPS shall support you with walking gear like hats, jumpers in case it gets so cold, and umbrella for when it rains, thermos bottles for when you need some refreshments, a cushion to rest your head at night and so much more. 

    In addition, you will also be given a personal hygiene bag to enable you freshen up every day if you are on a long distance pilgrimage to the Martyrs Shrine. And if you ran out, we shall refill your bag.

    It`s important to us that you remain healthy throughout your pilgrimage or safari. It is for this reason that we shall in addition prepare for you freshly prepared travel snacks coupled with refreshing water or packed juice to keep your well-nourished and hydrated throughout your pilgrimage or safari.

  • Travel Medical Insurance

    With UGMPS, all your travel medical insurance is covered for the period of your stay with us. Should anything happen to you, you will be well catered for in the best health facilities in the country.

  • Careful Selection of a Minimum of 3 – 5 star Accommodation For You

    All your accommodation needs will be met in line with your agreed itinerary for your pilgrimage, safari or both. Your comfort is very important to us, so with UGMPS` long list of hotel and lodging partners, we will ensure that all your lodging is in places that give you the best facilities that guarantee you a comfortable resting place. We shall see to it that your hotel or lodging has excellent meals, security, comfortable rooms and where possible you will have access to personal kitchens and living rooms to make you feel truly at home.

    If our location allows it, your accommodation will have excellent audio visual entertainment and reliable wifi. You will also be assigned a caretaker that will ensure that your comfort is guaranteed at all times.

  • Well Trained and Passionate Caretakers

    If you are visiting Uganda for the first time, this is very exciting for us because we get to share with you the care, friendliness and warmth of our culture. And to make your experience remains sublime, well trained and dedicated caretakers will be made available to you to look after all your comfort needs like meals and refreshments; and if you are on a long walk or journey, they will pre-organize for you places where you can have relaxing bathroom breaks.

    We also understand that you may travel with young people with whom you want to share this life time experience. the provided caretakers will help you baby sit the children and look out for them  for you so that your pilgrimage or safari is as thrilling for them as it is thrilling for you.

  • Delicately Prepared Delicious Meals

    Whereas we are ready to ensure that your hotel or lodging provides you with excellent meals we shall also see to it that even when you are on the road undertaking your pilgrimage or safari, you will be provided with fresh meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on the road.

    In addition, if your itinerary allows it, we shall also arrange to take you on a journey to explore some of Uganda`s famous local cuisine that will leave an unforgettable mark on your palate for the rest of your life.

  • Experienced, Well- Trained and Informed Travel Guides

    What makes the purpose behind your pilgrimage or safari experience a life changing one is the powerful story behind it. So to guarantee a very engaging experience, you will be guided throughout your safari and pilgrimage by well trained, smart and informed travel guides that will be at your disposal for the duration of your stay with us.

  • Divinely Inspired Mobile Prayer, Praise and Worship

    For all the signed up pilgrims, UGMPS will make your pilgrimage extra spiritually rewarding, by arranging to have holy songs of praise and worship music, led by divinely uplifted singers throughout your pilgrimage, and inspiring stories about the Uganda Martyrs will accompany you throughout your holy journey. To make this a resoundingly life changing experience, powerful Christian prayers will be said recurrently with you and for you, led by devout Christian prayer warriors until you get to Namugongo Martyrs Shrine. Provisions for you to go for Holy Mass/ Service will be arranged for you as you make pilgrimage and specifically for Catholics, we shall also arrange for you to have the sacrament of Holy Penance on your way to the shrine.

    By the time you get to the Shrine, your spirit will be so uplifted that it will be inevitable for you to experience God`s miracles in your life.

  • Security and Traffic Police

    For large pilgrim and safari groups (over 25 members) security personnel will be provided in proportion to the number of people in the group. This is to ensure your safety at all time during your pilgrimage or safari.

    In addition, for walking pilgrims, a traffic officer will be employed to command traffic as and when the pilgrims need special allowance to cross roads or to protect them from speeding cars especially when using unpaved roads.

  • Other Specially Organized Exciting Activities/ Events

    To climax your pilgrimage or safari, UGMPS will organize for you any of the following activities for us to remember you by.

    • Executive tour of Kampala City and nearby suburbs
    • Private Concert from Uganda`s best artists
    • Showcase of Uganda`s cultural dances and food
    • Comedy Show for Uganda`s best comedians
    • Campfire Festivals
    • Karaoke and so much more

    As already mentioned above, strict Covid-19 SOPs will be observed in all these activities.

  • Photography and Keeping Your Memories

    Throughout your pilgrimage or safari, our professional photographers will take timeless images of you and organize them for you into a story you will relive and tell for the rest of your life. These memories will be printed for you in a beautiful customized album for you to take home and share your experiences with your family and friends back at home. In addition, you will also be given a flash disk with soft copies of all your videos and images for you to use as you please.

    This complementary service will be our gift to you. We thank you in advance for choosing Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS)

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