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In 2017, Uganda was named the fourth-best tourism destination in the world by Rough Guides, a leading travel publisher. This declaration is more than justified for Uganda is home to some of the best game parks in the world, with teaming wildlife in all the four corners of the country roaming in untamed landscapes and Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS) is ready to take you there.

The beautiful scenery, all year-round warm climate and above all the kind and friendly people will make your safari experience unforgettable. In addition, this basket of awe in Uganda also includes a maze of natural wonders like beautiful rivers, lakes, forests and everything that lurks on and within them. The marvels of Gorilla trekking will surely get you lost in timeless wonder as you marvel at the most graceful primates alive today. Our customized nature walks and drives will unveil to you a wide range of land animals like cats (lions, leopards & tigers), dear, elephants, giraffes, warthogs, pangolins and so much more. Our boat rides over the River Nile or on Lake Victoria will feed your eyes with unbelievable sites of a range of water animals like hippopotamuses, crocodiles, water snakes, king fishers, so much more and our bird watching expeditions will be a sight to behold with over 1061 bird species that will low your mind.

Your comfort will amaze you as UGMPS will treat you to an unforgettable safari experience right from your arrival into Uganda right up to your departure. We shall book all your 4/ 5-star accommodation, organise all your meals and transport requirements and take on unforgettable tours across Uganda in line with you’re the delicately scribed travel itinerary of your choice. You will also discover the tastes of Uganda as you will be taken on a food tour to taste the spectacular variety of Uganda`s delicious foods from across the country. You will fall in love.

You are welcome to also explore Uganda`s rich cultural heritage and to relive Uganda`s cultural history. Uganda is home to 54 tribes each with its unique types of royalty, history, ideologies, dress code, housing and so much more. UGMPS will take you on a journey to discover Uganda`s top 10 tribes that have shaped Uganda today. All we can say to you is- prepare to be amazed!

Additionally, Uganda got her independence on 9th October, 1962 but the road to her independence is dotted with very interesting history ranging from tribal and religious struggles, the invasion of the British and Germans along with the amazing story of the Uganda Martyrs. UGMPS will take you on a journey through time to discover Uganda`s political history, monuments of Uganda`s forefathers, independence monuments, past presidents, political land marks and so much more.

Uganda is the trade hub for Eastern Africa. Goods from the coast almost always have to go through Uganda to get to South Sudan, DR. Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. This trade has made Uganda the trade center of Eastern Africa. The discovery of oil in Uganda has made our trade position in the region even more critical. Discover the history of trade routes, depots, warehousing facilities, industrial parks, manufacturing industries, innovation villages, oil industries and pipelines etc. that are the heart of Uganda`s booming trade industry. You will be inspired!

That`s not all, at 241,038 km2, Uganda is the 9th largest country in Eastern Africa. It is therefore impressive that it is home to almost half of East Africa’s arable land. With its tropical climate and availability of water, from rainfall (1000-2000 mm/yr in some locations), several large lakes and its position within the Nile basin, the country wields a wealth of agricultural opportunities. Uganda’s fertile soils, especially around Lake Victoria, are home to tea and coffee plantations, sugar cane and cocoa beans as high-value cash crops. In fact, coffee is Uganda’s main agricultural export. It is estimated that as much as 20 percent of Uganda’s population (8.3 million people in 2016) earn a large part of their income from coffee. Come with us and discover Uganda`s finest agricultural enterprises, large agricultural estates, industrial fish and poultry farmers & producers, large dairy and beef farmers, fruit factories and so much more. Discover how the agricultural industry is thriving in Uganda with excellent innovations that will leaveyou’re your mind stimulated and inspired.

Your safari experience can also be tailored to your specific personal and financial needs.  Whatever you choose, it is our guarantee that your safari not only gives you a different perspective of life, it will also enhance you physically, mentally and spiritually. To give you the best private care possible., you will be accompanied by health care professionals during all tours in case you develop any medical emergency, trained guides, caretakers and security personnel.

There has never been a better time to visit Uganda. From gorgeous nature landscapes, mountain backdrops, a plethora of wildlife species, to the myriad cultures and the people, Uganda is a great choice for an African Safari vacation. There is a bevy of places to go and so many things to do that at the end of it all, you will feel a renewed sense revitalization that you will not be able to explain.

While we are mindful of ensuring a 5 star travel experience for you, we are also keen on keeping you safe from Covid -19 so all recommended S.O.Ps will be observed to the dot.

When it’s all done and it`s time to go home, UGMPS will warmly drop you off to the locations where you were picked up from i.e. either the airport, border points or selected locations as agreed. Special customized albums (soft copies and hard copies) will be made for you to take home all the inspiring memories from your safari to share with family and friends

With this therefore, we look forward to hosting you and we invite you to a truly enriching travel experience with Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS)

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