• Popular Fast Food

  • Chips (Fries) & Chicken

    Generally, Ugandans are not big on fast food. Fast food is usually purchased by urban children, students and young adults. However, chips (Fries) & chicken fast food is the most popular fast food in Uganda. Every eatery has it and in some cases can be found as a street food.

  • Chips (Fries) & Fish Fillet

    Among Ugandans that like fast food, many prefer fish to chicken and that`s why this fast food is the second most popular fast food in Uganda. It can literally be found at almost every restaurant around the corner and its delicious too.

  • Chips (Fries) & Chaps

    Chips (Fries) & Chaps is one of the cheapest fast foods in Uganda and usually rivals Chips (Fries) & sausages. It’s the third most popular fast food loved mostly by children and teenages. Its quick to make and very tasty.

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