• Your Pilgrimage Experience

  • Your Pilgrimage Experience

  • Your Pilgrimage Experience

We understand the sacredness of making a Holy Pilgrimage. Often times making such a holy journey may take you into unfamiliar lands among unfamiliar people. With Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS), this shouldn`t worry you at all. We are passionate about preparing for you the most rewarding spiritual experience as you make pilgrimage to the Uganda Martyrs in Uganda. We are devoted to taking care of your worries about accommodation, travel arrangements, meals, security, health and safety and so much more… so that you may strictly dedicate your entire journey to your personal spiritual growth and development.


When you get to Uganda to start off your pilgrimage, on arrival, you will be warmly received by our team at any of the designated pilgrim meeting locations either at Entebbe National Airport, Busia/ Malaba Border Posts, designated Churches or city spots as mapped out in the Itenerary option you would have chosen. If you are a walking pilgrim, you will be picked up from any of the locations above and carried to a specially prepared place where you will freshen up, be equipped, have a good meal, pray, and made spiritually ready for your holy walk to Namugongo. As you walk purposefully in prayer, you will be accompanied by health care professionals in case you develop any medical emergency, trained caretakers, guides, security personnel, a bus and a rescue van in case there is need to quickly carry you to areas of safety or to a medical facility. The bus will also provide you with a resting place as you walk to Namugongo.

For transported pilgrim, you will be picked up from any of the locations mentioned above and transported to your cozy 3/4-star accommodation where you will be expected to rest for that day and kick off your pilgrimage the very next day with prayer, praise and thanksgiving. If you are a pilgrim targeting the 3rd June Martyrs Day Celebrations, it is important to adhere to the dates of arrival in your chosen itinerary so that you may have a seamless pilgrimage experience.

  • The Pilgrimage Journey

    Your holy journey will be courted in line with the itinerary option you have chosen. However, to ensure you stay on your spiritual course, we`ll organise for you easy access to Christian services that you will need during your pilgrimage to boost your soul searching as you reach further towards the love of God; for example, Holy Mass on the road, Prayer Services and the sacraments of Holy Penance (For Catholics).

    To heighten your experience, your entire journey will be filled with holy songs of praise and worship music led by divinely uplifted singers, and deeply engaging stories about the Uganda Martyrs will accompany you throughout your holy journey. To make this a resoundingly life changing experience, powerful Christian prayers will be said recurrently with you and for you, led by devout Christian prayer warriors until you get to the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine.

    Then to ensure that you are well catered to, travel comforts like nonalcoholic beverages, snacks, hats, umbrellas, jumpers, scarfs, blankets and cushions will relevantly be provided to walking pilgrims and long distance transported pilgrims. And if you are going to be spending long days on the road, we shall provide you a personal hygiene bag to keep you physically well-groomed and motivated throughout your pilgrimage. By the end of your pilgrimage a new you will be born, ready, to live in the miracles that your Holy Pilgrimage will reward you with.

    If you are a pilgrim that is interested in joining the millions of Christians around the world in mass and prayer on 3rd June, at the Namugongo Martyrs Shrine, on arrival to the Shrine, all pilgrims under the service of UGMPS will have reserved sitting areas prepared for them, they will also have access to well-prepared hot meals and will have access to clean executive private washrooms to freshen up whenever they need to. After Mass/ Service, all pilgrims will be welcomed to the selected specially prepared refreshment points for a hot meal and other refreshments before setting off. For the 3rd June pilgrims, after prayers, all pilgrims will be taken to their hotel rooms to rest for at least 1 day before setting off, back to where you were picked up from on the day arrival.

    That`s not all, to crown it all, UGMPS also has in place opportunities for you to tour over 70 Historical Holy sites that have given character to the Christian journey in Africa and Holy places where devout Christians go to make contact with the Uganda Martyrs Saints like the St. Andrew Kaggwa Tomb in Munyonyo. These places inspire the heart to grow fall deeper in love with the light of Christ and make your Holy Pilgrimage divinely more complete.

    While we are mindful of ensuring a 5 star pilgrimage experience for you, we are also keen on keeping you safe from Covid -19 so all recommended S.O.Ps will be observed to the dot.


  • Departures

    When it’s all done and it`s time to go home, all pilgrims will warmly be dropped off to the locations where they were picked up from by the UGMPS team. Special customized albums (soft copies and hard copies) will be made for you to take home all the inspiring memories of your pilgrimage to the Uganda Martyrs Shrines at Namugongo.

    With this therefore, we look forward to hosting you and we invite you to a truly enriching spiritual experience with Uganda Martyrs Pilgrimages and Safaris (UGMPS)

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